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Delight your customers in real-time


Easy Signup:

Simple registration process and user-friendly profile management.

Search & Filters

Advanced Search & Filters:

Robust search functionality with advanced filters for quick and precise results.

Delivery Scheduling

Delivery Scheduling:

Offers flexibility for users in choosing delivery times.

Order Tracking

Real-Time Order Tracking:

Enhances user experience by providing transparency and control.

Nearby Restaurants

Nearby Stores:

Geolocation-based suggestions for nearby stores.

Smart Notifications

Smart Notifications:

Real-time alerts for order updates, promotions, and personalized offers.

Rating & Reviews:

Customer feedback system to enhance transparency and trust.

Discount & Offer

Discount & Offer:

Drives sales through promotions and discounts.



Personalized dashboard for order history, favorite stores, and saved preferences.

food ordering

Manage your deliveries & drivers

Easy Onboarding

Easy Onboarding:

Seamless onboarding process for quick setup.

Menu Management

Menu Management:

Effortless management of menu items, categories, and prices.

On-Call Order

On-Call Order:

Provides an alternative ordering method for user convenience.

Real-Time Order Updates

Real-Time Order Updates:

Live updates on new orders, modifications, and cancellations.

Continuous Ringing Tunes:

Alerts users with continuous ringing for urgent orders.

Sales Analytics.webp

Sales Analytics:

Insights into sales trends, peak hours, and popular items.



Attracts and retains customers through marketing initiatives.


Payment History:

Comprehensive records of transactions and earnings.


A dedicated delivery app designed for drivers.


Easy Onboarding:

Quick setup and onboarding for delivery personnel.

Order Dispatch.webp

Order Dispatch:

Instant alerts for new orders and efficient order assignment.

Real-time GPS Tracking.webp

Real-time GPS Tracking:

Live location tracking for optimal route planning.

Earnings Overview.webp

Earnings Overview:

Visibility into earnings, tips, and incentives.

Status Updates

Status Updates:

Real-time updates on order status and changes.


SOS Feature:

SOS feature for immediate assistance and support if a rider faces a medical emergency during duty.


Gain absolute control through an efficient admin panel


Registration and Managing Profile:

Efficiently handle user, delivery boy, and store profiles.



Gain a comprehensive overview of key metrics and real-time insights.

Assigning Orders:

Seamlessly allocate orders to ensure swift and accurate deliveries.

Block/Unblock Master:

Maintain control with the ability to block or unblock master access.

BI - Business Intelligence Reports

Access detailed BI reports for informed decision-making.

Account Settlement:

Manage financial transactions and settlements with ease.

Order Tracking and Management:

Efficiently track and manage orders from placement to delivery.

Promotion Management:

Implement and monitor promotions for increased customer engagement.

Revenue Tracking:

Monitor and analyze revenue streams for strategic business decisions.

Feedback and Ratings Management:

Monitoring and response to customer feedback.

Support & Tickets:

Critical for addressing customer queries and issues.

Essential Features of a Delivery App

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