Frequently Asked Questions

To establish a tie-up with businesses for your online delivery app, it is indeed beneficial to visit the seller and follow these steps:

Research and Preparation:

Before visiting the seller, conduct thorough research about their cuisine, menu, reputation, and target audience. Familiarize yourself with their offerings to showcase your knowledge and interest during the meeting.

Presentation and Value Proposition:

Prepare a compelling presentation that highlights the benefits and value your order and delivery app can bring to the seller.

Demonstrate App Features:

During the meeting, demonstrate the features and functionality of your app. Showcase how the seller can manage orders efficiently, update menus in real-time, track deliveries, and engage with customers through your platform.

For Calculate commission in order and delivery application, we have an option for multiply the order value by the commission rate to calculate the commission amount. For example, if the order value is $100 and the commission rate is 10%, the commission amount would be $10.

We have various ways of paying drivers and sellers, and the admin manually creates pay-outs based on dates, For example

  • Wallet System
  • Direct Bank Transfer (Automatic/Manually)

Google Maps Platform offers a $200 monthly credit for Maps, Routes, and Places. You can use these services without incurring any charges until your usage exceeds $200 in a given month. To know more you can visit.

To enable registration for sellers and drivers in our system, we have an option in the Admin panel where we have separate registration forms for sellers and drivers, where you need to mention necessary information for sellers and Drivers. Upload the necessary documents as needed after that when you give the permission to the sellers and drivers they can start using your Platform.

To advertise other sellers or sellers on our platform, you can consider the following strategies:

Banner Ads:

Allocate specific areas on your platform for banner advertisements. Sellers can purchase ad space to display their promotional banners or images. These banners can be linked directly to the seller's page or if the seller is not on-board in your platform the link will be redial to the respective seller Page.

Special Offers and Deals:

Provide a dedicated section on your platform to highlight special offers, discounts, or exclusive deals from sellers. Sellers can promote their limited-time offers to attract more customers.

Collaborative Campaigns:

Collaborate with sellers for joint marketing campaigns. This can involve cross-promotion, where sellers promote your platform on their social media channels or websites, while you promote their offerings on your platform.

We have a centralized management application that supports multi-location functionality, the software has the ability to control and manage orders and reports across all your seller locations. As an administrator, you can access and oversee the operations of each seller within your chain through the application.

When a delivery is made to a location where the customer is not present, there are several ways for the admin or customer to be notified that the delivery has been completed. Here are a few possible solutions:

SMS or email notifications:

The delivery personnel can send an SMS or email notification to the customer or admin once the delivery has been made at the security gate. This notification can include details such as the delivery time, gate location.

Delivery photo proof:

The delivery personnel can take a photo of the delivered order at the security gate as proof of delivery. This photo can be shared with the admin or customer through a messaging system or uploaded to a delivery tracking platform.

Build a loyal customer base:

Identify your loyal customer base by offering rewards programs, discounts, and special promotions. Develop strong customer relationships through exceptional service, engaging social media presence, encourage customers to leave reviews and share positive experiences to generate word-of-mouth referrals.

Optimize online presence:

Strong online presence through your own website, social media platforms, and online ordering systems. Ensure that your online menu, pricing, and delivery information are accurate and up to date.

Collaborate with local influencers or bloggers:

Partner with local influencers, bloggers, or food critics who have a strong following in your target market. Invite them to experience your seller and share their reviews or recommendations on their platforms.

Focus on delivery experience:

Invest in efficient delivery operations, including timely and accurate deliveries, proper packaging, and friendly delivery personnel. Offer flexible delivery options such as pickup, contactless delivery, or delivery to specific locations (like security gates).

With VentaGenie, you get an array of tools where you can check the income, business profit, complete year profit and other important data metrics. These tools are designed to gather, analyze, and visualize data related to financial performance. Here are a few business intelligence tools we already have:


Our Business intelligence tools provide the reports to monitor income, profit, and other key financial metrics. These visualizations can help you identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement.

Data integration:

In our Dashboard you will get the report of order management systems, payment gateways, and customer databases.

Performance analysis:

In our software we have a tools that can perform in-depth analysis on your financial data to identify factors impacting your income and profit. You can track metrics such as order volume, delivery costs, and customer orders costs.

Through Data Migration, we make sure that you are able to shift from an old vendor to VentaGenie seamlessly, without the transition affecting any of your important data.

We are associated to this business from very long time. We will provide you with a reference number that can connect you with someone who can offer valuable guidance and support throughout the licensing process. Once you on board with us.

Beside Mobile development services, we can also assist you with logo design and digital marketing. Having a one-stop solution can be convenient and efficient for your business.


Our Online Ordering & Delivery Application covers a wide range of rich features, including But NOT limited to:

  • Menu browsing and search
  • Order placement and tracking
  • Multiple payment options
  • Delivery address management
  • Feedback and rating / reviews management for sellers
  • Push notifications for order updates
  • Special offers and discounts
  • Social media integration
  • Multi-language support
  • Seller management dashboard
  • Menu and item management
  • Order management and processing
  • Delivery personnel management
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Analytics and reporting

These are just a few examples, and our application includes many more features to enhance the food ordering and delivery experience for users and streamline operations for sellers.

Yes, VentaGenie, Online Ordering & delivery Application is built with the capabilities to function across multilingual platforms and support different currencies too.

Yes, our Online Ordering & Delivery Application includes a live tracking feature that allows you to track the driver in real-time. You can monitor the driver's location and track their progress as they make their way to the delivery destination.

Yes, VentaGenie, our Online Ordering & delivery Application includes the facility of seller or seller and driver verification. We understand the importance of ensuring the trust and safety of our users. To achieve this, we have implemented a verification process for both seller and drivers.

Yes it can be Possible Offering automatic disbursement through API integration. In order to proceed with the integration, you have to provide us with the necessary API documentation and details.

VentaGenie, our ordering & delivery application provides the flexibility to show banner ads or offer discounts area-wise. This feature allows you to target specific geographic locations or areas with customized promotional content.

Yes, VentaGenie offers a solution for different delivery charges based on different areas or zones. This feature allows you to define and customize delivery charges according to specific areas or zones as per your business requirements.

Yes, it is possible to modify or customize the application after the delivery is done from our side. We understand that business needs and requirements may evolve over time, and you may have specific preferences or new features you'd like to add to the application.

No, you cannot delete the seller from your platform but you can make it inactive if they choose not to use it anymore. As the platform owner, you have the authority to manage and maintain the seller listings and accounts on your application.

Yes, it is possible to integrate third-party services with Online Ordering & Delivery System. You have to provide the respective API for this.

Our system is designed to assist you with automatic and error-free calculations. By automating calculations and leveraging accurate algorithms, our system minimizes human errors, ensures consistency, and streamlines financial processes in order and delivery operations.

In the case of the SAAS module, hosting the application on a server other than our own, may not be feasible due to the nature of the setup. However, if you opt for a one-time costing model, we are more flexible and can accommodate your preference to host the application on an AWS server.

In the case of the SAAS module, hosting the application on a server other than our own may not be feasible due to our Policy. However, if you opt for a one-time costing model, we are more flexible and can accommodate your preference to host the application on your given server.

Armed with the latest technology, we are using Front end IONIC 5, Backend: MS.NET 4.5.

Yes, you can get the source code for the projects.

Yes, Our Application has been designed to handle substantial traffic levels and provide a flawless experience to its users.


Our Online Ordering & delivery application is priced affordably, costing less than just a few of your orders. To know more, you can visit our website.

We follow the standard industry norms for payment, which allows you to make payments in easy terms or instalments in case of onetime cost or if you opt for SAAS Module there will be small Monthly rental.

The third-party costs associated with going live with an Application, can vary depending on the specific integrations and services you choose to utilize. Here are some potential third-party costs to consider:

  • Payment Gateway
  • Google Map Service
  • Google Account
  • Apple Account

Yes, each hosting package will have different quote, consider your application's requirements, you need to select the package that meets your needs within your budget.

Support Related

Along with free support, our AMC includes:

  • Trained BA
  • Additional free man-hours for paid changes
  • 24*7 online help desk support
  • Priority response to issues
  • Discounts on paid changes

On SAAS Module we offering monthly free support on software.

The time it takes to resolve a bug can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the bug but from our side you will get a response in one working day.

We have a varies Platform for Customer support like

  • Dedicated BA
  • Email and phone support
  • Ticket Support
  • Unlimited Inquiry Support


To ensure the protection of your data and prevent unauthorized access, we take the following measures:

  • Data Encryption
  • Access Control
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • Transparency and Compliance

As the server password keeps changing, it is saved in an encrypted format which makes the software secure on shared hosting.

Database mirroring and server cloning are done for disaster recovery and in case of an emergency, we maintain the backup so that your data can be recovered smoothly.

Online Ordering & delivery software is designed to be highly reliable, with fast data processing times. It uses advanced security features to protect user data from unauthorized access and data breaches. The software is built with data encryption and secure login systems, ensuring that user data is protected from potential threats.

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